Hi, my name is Natalie Patricia Fisher 'The Outspoken One' and I am the founder of 'Outspoken By Design. I am a motivated, creative graphic designer with a strong passion for Visual Communication. Naturally Friendly and outgoing with confidence to clearly present & explain ideas. I have an enquiring mind that's constantly trying to learn & improve knowledge and design skills. I also have the ability to complete projects to the highest standard with meticulous attention to detail. On this website you will find my personal graphic design portfolio, a list of my design services, as well as a blog to keep you up to date with my latest works.

A Short Intro
I am self-employed as a graphic designer, and specialise in the fields of logo design, print design and branding. Most of my time is spent designing marketing promotions for various types of businesses, from small start ups to large corporate clients.

In 2007 after completing 3 AS levels in Art & Design, Textiles and Applied ICT, I decided I was more of a hand on person and college wasnt for me so I decided to do an Apprenticeship in Graphic Design. One year later I had completed a NVQ Level in Graphic Design and a BTEC First Certificate in Art & Design.

Luckily I ended up walking straight into a job and in February 2008, I started working in Manchester City Centre for Astra Signs, one of the largest signs companies in the North West. Over the 4 years I worked with them I learnt alot from Communication skills to how to manufacture a sign. I really appreciate the time they spent teaching me new things as it eventutally gave me the confidence to start doing my own design work on the side.

After about a year of working all day and all night I decided enough was enough and now was the time to move on and set my own design company. So in July 2012 I took the leap and handed my notice in and then two weeks later 'Outspoken By Design' was born.
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