To help potential clients, I’ve provided a selection of answers to some of my most frequently asked questions. If you need any further information or have any questions, then just contact me.

What services do you offer?

I offer a wide range of service which are as listed below.

Logo Design

Promotional Material





Wedding Invites

Birthday Cards

Banner Ad Design

Twitter / Facebook Profile Design

Signage Design

Printing Management

Point of Sale

Web Design

What does it cost to hire you?

I have no set price list, but I listen carefully to what potential clients require and put together a unique proposal based on their needs. The best way to get a quote or more information is to send me an email outlining your requirements. I will get then back to you with a time that we can discuss your needs in more detail.

How long will the project take?

Time frames vary at any given time, but once you approve the price and I start work I should be able to give you a better outline of how long it will take. I try to complete projects as soon as possible but the highest standard to ensure the quality of work is 5 star.

Can we still work together if we live in different countries?

Yes. Business is simply conducted via email, phone and video chat as needed. If you are in the area, then it would be great to meet.

How do you accept payment?

For most projects, I request a 50% down payment to scheduel work in. I accept payment via bank transfer, PayPal or cheque. The final 50% will be paid on the completion of the project, prior to realising the final artwork.

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